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Creative Options for Financing

Find the Right Financing for Your Flow

Make sure you have the cash flow to do what you need to do with financing services by LuxeMark Capital, LLC of New York. From acquisition financing to transportation financing, there are many options available. We provide a variety of services for both individual and corporate customers looking to lower risk and increase capital lending.

Acquisition Financing

This form of financing is designed to allow corporations or individuals acquire other corporations by borrowing against either their assets or the acquired companies assets. This method of leveraging allows the acquisition to proceed with the majority of the money required being borrowed.

Corporate Financing

A full range of cash flow-oriented and asset-based financing products are available in the corporate sector. We serve manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, specialty retailers, and commercial and consumer service businesses.

Debtor in Possession Financing

Also known as bankruptcy financing, this form of financing is considered the safest because the Federal Government is assuring the lender of the proper and prudent use of the cash flow and the repayment of the loan. It involves factoring or asset-based loan ordered by and allowed by an order from the judge in a bankruptcy court proceeding.

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Franchise Financing

Get your franchise started with the right financing. We fund equipment, real estate, and acquisition for operators of established franchise concepts. The typical transaction size is $500,000 to $30 million.

Growth Financing

Asset-based loan products are available targeting startup and small emerging companies for growth, working capital, restructuring, turnarounds or buyouts. These products are available in the New York Tri-State and California areas only. The typical transaction size is $$50,000 to $1 million.

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Healthcare Financing

A full range of accounts receivable, real estate, and equipment financing products and asset management programs are offered to the US healthcare industry. The typical transaction size is $$500,000 to $50 million.

Mezzanine Financing

In mezzanine financing, a lender acts in a bridge capacity to affect the transaction by lending the necessary smaller portion that may be required for both a higher interest rate and piece of equity in the company. This is all secured by the senior debt provided by the asset-based loan.

Credit Card Loans

Banks and other financial institutions often cannot serve the funding needs of smaller business customers without challenging their established lending criteria. Many higher-risk, low-and no-asset small business borrowers may not qualify for traditional financing forms and, consequently, face critical challenges in meeting cyclical and emergency financial pressures. As a result, their business growth is restrained.

Credit card loans are the solution. The lender is not a bank and does not lend money for a fixed term, so they buy current and future quality credit card receivables at a discount, thereby providing the merchant with a lump sum of cash when the contract is approved. The merchant agrees to pay the Lender a fixed percent of each day's credit card receipts until the obligation is satisfied (up to 20%). The obligation is the amount advanced plus the factoring fee.

An example is a merchant who accepts $30,000 with a factoring fee of 32%. The merchant pays the lender $39,600, which is formally called the Right to Receive or RTR. In all cases for all products, the RTR is the total amount paid back over the term of the agreement and is referred to as gross revenue for the lender. Since the lender has complete control over the merchant's credit card processing receipts, the lender is able to extract the pre-agreed amount at the end of each business day, resulting in a daily payback.

Private Placements

We are often asked to assist in capital formation to raise money for companies who have new technology and new ideas, as well as established companies seeking to go public and raise money for expansion or development of new technologies. We never raise money directly for companies without knowing the principals for years. Preferably we will have been lending them money and over the years have developed a relationship. This allows us to know the quality of the management, the success of the technology and the impact the required capital will have on the growth and the future of the company. Since we are neither venture capitalists nor brokers, we can only refer you to equity sources.

Payroll Financing

This unusual and very helpful form of financing provides for the weekly payroll to be advanced to the company by the lender. The payment will be recovered from the receivables 30 to 45 days later. This means a company does not have to struggle seeking cash flow to make payroll every week, which is exceptionally helpful in the construction, staffing, and medical industries, as well as for medium to large-scale companies. In most cases, we try to finance not only the payroll, but the accounts receivables, providing the payroll lender with added security for recovering funds. If the customer has receivables financed, we have to establish an inter-creditor agreement between the current receivable financing source and the payroll financing company.

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Consumer Loans

Many companies selling products or services to individuals often as us to provide consumer loans for their companies. A consumer loan facility is one where each individual borrows money paying that money to the corporation for the promised services or for the delivery of goods. A truck driving school is a classic example. We often arrange for these loans for corporation such as the school and even arrange for payroll deductions for the borrower to comfortably meet the payment requirements.

SBA Loans

These loans have been secured by a guarantee of the U.S. Government and further secured by all of the assets of the borrower and his/her spouse and their homes. SBA loans are generally available for real estate acquisition, buying of companies, buying of equipment. General rates are around prime plus 2%.

Rediscount Financing

Revolving credit facilities to the independent consumer finance industry including sales, automobile, and mortgage and premium finance companies. The typical transaction size is $1 million to $25 million.

Stock Loans

On many occasions, we are asked to provide loans to individuals or corporations holding large blocks of stocks, whether 144 or free trading in companies listed on United States Exchanges. All exchanges, including over-the-counter are acceptable. Low fixed rates, up to 80% LTV, and quarterly statements are available. These loans offer you liquidity without selling your stock. We offer insured redelivery of your shares at maturity. Typical terms last from two to 20 years, and you have the ability to exercise options without any out of pocket expense.