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Inventory Financing

Alleviate the Inventory Cycle with Financing

Maintaining an accurate level of inventory is vital to the success of any company. We can help with multiple options for inventory. Loans to purchase inventory or a loan against a current inventory surplus to help out cash flow to other areas of the company.

Inventory Financing

Inbound and outbound inventory financing is available with combined inventory and accounts receivable lines of credit. We also offer purchase order financing for equipment distributors, value-added resellers, and dealers nationwide.

Inventory Cart and Boxes

Work-in-Process Financing

In a work-in-process financing situation, the manufacturer or assembler is given the capital necessary to buy the component parts and complete the manufacturing or assembly of the product. The product will have been pre-sold so that the company can complete and fill purchase orders received from quality customers.

Loans to Public Companies

Our commercial loans to public companies are identical to corporate loans, including accounts receivable, machinery and equipment, unfinished goods inventory, finished goods inventory, and real estate, among other aspects. The primary difference is in the due diligence requirements. In today's public market, all public companies must file 10Qs and 10Ks, which are audited. Therefore, there is no issue of audited financial statements. Most public companies which have achieved some semblance of revenue and have achieved a positive net worth does not require a personal guarantee of the president as he is an employee of the corporation. We would still ask for a validity guarantee.

Physicians Loans

On many occasions, we are asked to provide loans to PCs, the form of corporation or partnership used by physicians. We are often asked to help them finance their accounts receivable, provide them with equipment lease financing, or extend personal loans secured by the physician's signature and/or real estate. We are often asked to provide financing for groups of doctors buying hospitals, MRI centers, clinics, dialysis centers, and other establishments.